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5 Tips Commercial Appliance Repair Clients Use To Avoid Getting Ripped-Off

When a business needs commercial appliance repair, they need it now! We totally understand that and structure our business model around that scenario.  It can be frustrating during the dinner rush at the restaurant, or return from a much needed vacation, and find an appliance in your business not working- which usually happens just as you are about to use them. The idea of taking a moment to balance the business books is suddenly replaced by the realization that you cannot have this benefit after your stove burner has burst or you’re sitting on a mountain of spoiled food because your refrigerator and/or freezer stopped working. And, to make matters worse, you have clients in the dining room waiting for dinner!

In these cases, what measures should you take to solve the problem right away? Is a required at this point? How do you go about finding a reputable commercial appliance repair service? In today’s digital age with the ubiquitous nature of smart phones and computers, it’s easy to perform an Internet search to quickly locate a local Tucson commercial appliance repair service or technician simply by searching terms such as “” or “”. Avoiding a company or technician that cheats you with high charges and poor appliance repair service can be something else altogether.

how can you avoid A Bad Commercial Appliance Repair Service?

The following tips can help you avoid the alliance repairman serviceman from robbing you blind while at the same time receiving quality commercial appliance repair service in Tucson or you can simply contact us now.

commercial appliance repair secrets

Gather all information First

Gather everything you have on the malfunctioning appliance, such as manufacturer, model, and at least a brief description of the problem before you pick up the phone. The information will make it easier for the Tucson commercial appliance repair service to assess the situation over the phone or via text message. Having this information readily available demonstrates you to be a smart consumer. Unscrupulous Tucson appliance repair companies and technicians will always take advantage of the ignorant and uninformed.

Check to see if the appliance is still under warranty or guarantee.

If so, locate the factory authorized service center and available repairs and service contained in the warranty or guarantee. Factory authorized service typically means the manufacturer of the unit is behind whenever something bad in the appliance has occurred and they are willing to manage repair services. Be sure to read the fine print. The end result can often mean free of charge.

Ask family and friends for referrals Or Review Our Testimonials And Company References.

Word of mouth is usually a better way of finding a trustworthy Tucson commercial appliance repair company since those closest to you have first hand experience.

Ask if they accept credit cards.

In makes a difference to ask since you usually are not ready with cash to pay for services. In this case, check the yellow pages or the appliance company website to see if the company accepts credit cards. Not only does this offer you convenience, it adds more security for you as the consumer. 

Compare Company Websites And Look For ‘Real Reviews’

Though not as easy to do these days with the decline of physical phone books and their use, phone books can still provide a relatively easy way to check reputation. Companies that run large ads often reveal they know where the competition is, providing a good indication that they will provide good business. After all, large ads often suggest they are building reputation and planning to stay in the appliance repair and service business for long years. However, this tactic should not be solely relied upon. As companies move away from phone book advertising and onto the Internet, they start by reducing their ad size. By only mining the larger ads you could be overlooking a real gem.

The final task for should be to ask questions to each of the Tucson commercial appliance repair companies you are inquiring:

  • How many years have they been in the business
  • Do they use original factory replacement parts
  • Are they insured
  • Is there a written warranty on labor and parts

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