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Keep Your Burners Burning: A How-To Guide to Stove Maintenance

Keep your burners burning: A short how-to guide to stove maintenance
You would never want to hear yourself saying, “The burner won’t heat” just as you start preparing for a dinner party. To maintain a regular cleaning and maintenance regimen is not only integral to maintain food hygiene for your family, but also to keep your burner running for a longer span before you need to call the servicemen in. Continue reading to learn some helpful DIY tips for a healthy electric or gas stove.

Clean the interior and exterior
A little cleaning goes a long way for your stove’s performance. Regularly clean all the knobs, gas stove tops, burner grates and rings, and the cook tops with degreasers and grate cleaners to avoid any debris from clogging the ignition system. Soaking the grates and rings in a solution of hot water and baking soda is a great way to get rid of any stubborn grime or debris; however, it is important to not use a lot of water around the control panel or burner switches to avoid any short circuits and safety hazards.

Replace any broken/damaged parts
While it may be easy to replace any damaged oven bulbs, or burner grates and rings; to replace any damaged/broken parts of the ignition system like the pilot or igniter, may prove to be a tricky task. Take help from the instructions manual that was issued with the appliance or pick up any DIY appliance repair guide, and remember to turn off any gas or electricity supply to the stove as you work.

When DIY is not enough
Although they come in handy to enhance your burner’s performance, these DIY tips may not be sufficient to deal with technical details of a gas or electric stove. It is always better to resort to professional help when DIY attempts, fall short. To find a reliable stove and cook top repair service in Tucson, look no further than Dependable Refrigeration which offers a certified stove repair service for all major brands of gas and electric ovens at the lowest rates.

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