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Laundry Day Woes – DIY Tips to Ease Your Washer’s Troubles

When it comes to doing your own laundry at home, a washing machine giving you trouble is the last thing you want. While most people pile their washing of the entire week for one day, it is understandable that no one’s looking for washer troubles on that day. However, washing machine fixes are not something to worry about. To save yourself trouble, here are some common fixes that you can make use of:

Grinding Noise
Most washing machines will give you these common problems at one time or another. When that happens, prepare to get down under with screwdrivers and a torch to fix it. If your washing machine is adamant on entertaining you with grinding noises, which of course are pleasant to your ears- try removing the pump and replacing the broken coupler.

Draining Problems
You might be facing draining problems, usually because of clothing or jewelry being stuck in the pump itself or the hose to the pump. To fix this problem, you can easily check if anything is stuck by removing the hose that goes from the tub to the pump. If there is nothing stuck, check the pump and look for broken blades. If you find the pump damaged, you will need to replace it.

Slow or No Fill
Another common problem that is usually faced by washers is that the machine won’t fill or it fills too slowly. That may be because of clogged inlet screens on the water valve. Make sure to check those and keep them cleaned. If the problem persists, you may also try replacing the water valve.

End Note
These are some of the most common types of problems that are faced by most people when they take out time for washing. However, you don’t have to fall victim to them. When it comes to washing machine issues, it is generally advisable to bring the experts. Fixing your washing machine is a professional’s work and you certainly don’t want to end up aggravating the situation while trying to fix it. If you find that your washing machine is giving you trouble, call us at (520) 888-7039 to avoid further damage.

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