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With the change of the seasons, you should think about maintenance using our Tucson LG Appliance Repair services. Summer months are no doubt labeled rightly as the period of overused refrigeration. It is the time of the year when the refrigerator is the most used appliance in the home, frequently being used to store different foods to keep them from spoiling due to the heat. With the constant running of the refrigerator to keep the food chilled, you also need to ensure that it does not give up on you during the hot months.

In an area like Tucson where the weather is generally hot, with more warm months than cold ones, , you must ensure that your refrigerator runs smoothly throughout the year. Read on to find some useful tips to help you from falling prey to unwelcome refrigerator problems and know how to prolong the life of your refrigerator.

The life of your refrigerator

To keep your refrigerator from giving you troubles during the peak summer months when you absolutely cannot afford it, make sure that you get it serviced regularly by an LG Appliance Repair to ensure every part is in good working condition. This means that at least twice a year, you should call in the appliance repair company to seek their advice on the life of your refrigerator.

Keep It Clean

This goes without saying, but during the summer months, you might have to keep your refrigerator cleaner than usual. Although when you give your refrigerator for service over to our LG appliance repair, they clean all its parts inside out. Nevertheless, after a month or two, you should do some cleaning on your part to ensure that dust particles do not give you any trouble later on.

Be Proactive

When you have a refrigerator to run all year at peak performance, you must be very proactive about any possible damage that can occur. Don’t ignore any warning signs your refrigerator might be giving you; always have the appropriate precautionary measures in place. If you feel something is wrong with the appliance, call in a refrigerator repair company in Tucson right away!

Remember; being vigilant on your part will help you avoid unnecessary problems with your refrigeration and definitely make sure to hire a Tucson LG Appliance Repairman.

Finding Tucson LG Appliance Repair

Dependable Refrigeration is a refrigerator and appliance repair service since 1998. They provide 24-hour appliance repair services to residents of Tucson and surrounding areas of Vail or Oro Valley.

The LG appliance repairman that work for Appliance Repair Tucson are well-versed in the newest technology incorporated into LG products. The LG has a dedicated heat and air flow system that requires a knowledgable appliance repairman. In addition, on the LG refrigerator, the defrost system alone comprises a motor-driven mechanical defrost timer, an electronic computer board called an adaptive defrost control.

A terminating thermostat within the LG refrigerator keeps the defrost header from overheating the evaporator compartment and must be maintained after reaching a certain temperature.

While ‘green plugs’ usually work fine on resistive loads such as heaters and lighting, don’t use them on motorized appliances; you are just asking for problems and actually may void your LG refrigerator warranty.

Also, don’t attempt to repair your LG appliance unless you are certified to work on them. There are many tools that you’ll need for diagnosis that you may not have in your toolbox. A few of those would be nut drivers, alligator jumpers, electrical pliers, butt connectors, a volt-ohm meter and a condenser brush.

When in doubt, it’s always more cost effective to call an LG appliance repair. In the long run, the work is guaranteed and won’t void your warranty so we think that’s a much smarter move.

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