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Our Washer Repairs are Among the Most Cost-Effective in Town

Is your washing machine not doing the job it was designed to do? Whether it has succumbed to a leak, has a problem spinning fast enough to wring water out, or just isn’t getting your clothes and linens fully cleaned, Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, is ready to step in.

Not only do we offer some of the best quality repair services in the greater Tucson region, we’re also your affordable solution for washing machine repair. Approximately 70% of our customers pay less than $228 for their washer repair!

That’s one of the lowest prices around—and it’s far less than you’d spend replacing your broken washing machine with a brand-new unit. We have more than 30 years of experience performing washing machine repair and other appliance repair services. We stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on parts and a six-month warranty on labor.

Our experience ensures that we accurately diagnose and resolve your issue, while our warranties protect you in the long run. Both help make our washer repair service some of the most cost-effective in town. Ready to learn more about what sets Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, apart?

Call or e-mail us today to get answers to your questions and to book your washer repair appointment!

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