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Same Day Refrigerator Repair to Protect Your Perishables

When you need refrigerator repairs, you can’t wait around forever for a technician to show up. Many foods begin to spoil just two hours after being stored above 40 degrees Fahrenheit! That means that putting off fridge repairs for a day or more can result in losing the entire contents of your fridge to spoilage. Luckily, Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, is standing by to provide the expert same-day repairs you need in Tucson and beyond.

When you call to book refrigerator repair, we’ll do our utmost to get someone out to your property right away. We put customer service first, and that means showing up promptly when you need us most. Contact Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, when your appliance is failing to cool, cycling too frequently, leaking, or simply not functioning at all.

No matter how severe the situation, we’ll be able to take the necessary refrigerator repair steps to get things back to normal. Our more than three decades of experience providing fridge repair have made us uniquely qualified to provide lasting solutions. We even stand behind our refrigerator repairs with a one-year parts warranty and a six-month labor warranty. Ready to book your same-day appointment? Call now!​

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