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5 Alarming Signs Your FRIDGE Needs Sub Zero Repair

When To Call For Sub Zero Repair

Refrigerators are so essential to the daily operation of our lives and so is qualified Sub Zero Repair. Even if you live alone, the refrigerator provides a huge service in your life. If the fridge goes down, you are facing a big problem. Not only will you not be able to use the fridge, its current contents will go to waste. Replacing your refrigerator is not only costly to your wallet, but also to your schedule.

Below are five important signs that you may want to proactively get your refrigerator looked at for. 

Refrigerator is Making a Strange Noise

This is a common problem with refrigerators and can be caused by various problems as there are many working parts on most units. Your refrigerator shouldn’t make any type of loud noise. If you notice it starts to make a noise, even if the noise is not extremely loud, then it is likely it needs some maintenance. The first step in evaluating the problem is to note whether the noise is intermittent or constant.

You will want to be able to share as much information with us for Sub Zero Repair as possible in order to fully and quickly discern the problem. Make a note of the noise and its frequency, notice if the noise is louder at certain times than others, and evaluate the type of noise; is it knocking, humming or sputtering. Having this information will assist you in getting a sub zero repair handled quickly and effectively.

Refrigerator is Not Cooling Properly

Inefficient cooling is another frequent problem many customers encounter with their refrigerators. This can be an extremely time sensitive problem, so it is important that you act quickly and call for Sub Zero Repair. It is helpful to keep a thermometer in your refrigerator to monitor the temperature. If you have one of these, then it will be helpful in recording temperature variations.

Another area to be aware of is if the temperature is fluctuating in response to something you are doing, for example; immediately after filling the fridge with groceries the temperature plummets.

Or perhaps the temperature is only failing at a certain time of day or for a short period of time. Having this information will assist the Sub Zero repairman in discerning the problem. Also, an important note to make is if you recently moved the unit or moved something else near it.

Refrigerators need proper area in order to vent, a change in location or surroundings could prove to be problematic.

Excessive Frost or Freezing is Happening

If you notice your refrigerator is cooling too much, it likely needs some maintenance. Many newer refrigerators are known to be “frost free.” So, if you notice a large build-up of frost in your freezer you may have a problem. Now, be careful not to confuse frost build-up with frost bite on your food. Frost bite can happen if a food item has been in the freezer for an extended period of time and has not been properly stored.

Frost build-up will look like snow and will be on the inside walls of your freezer.

There could be a number of problems causing this frost build-up, so it will be important to address the problem promptly by calling for Sub Zero Repair. Another important tip that will help you and the Sub Zero repairman evaluate the problem more quickly is to notice where the frost is accumulating.

The amount of frost and its location can be helpful in narrowing down what the problem might be. Freezing can also occur in your refrigerator. You may notice items near the back of your refrigerator appear frozen, while other items near the front are not. This could be as simple as having the temperature setting in your refrigerator set to a temperature that is too cold.

However, if you use a thermometer to measure the temperature in the refrigerator, you may realize that the temperature reading is accurate, yet the freezing is still happening. This situation may be indicating that the refrigerator needs maintenance by a qualified Sub Zero Repair Service.

Refrigerator has a Strange Smell

While a strange smell emanating from inside your refrigerator could indicate spoiled or spoiling food, depending on the smell, it could indicate a problem. If you have ensured that your refrigerator is free of any foods that could be causing the smell in your refrigerator, yet a strange smell persists, you will want to look into the problem. Refrigerators have many working parts; therefore, different parts could malfunction and cause a strange smell.

Make a note of the type of smell, is it an oil smell, a burning smell, or perhaps an electrical smell. Also noting where specifically the smell is originating from can be helpful in accomplishing a quick diagnosis. Be cautious here in that if the smell appears to be dangerous in nature, you may want to unplug the unit and call an appliance repair company promptly.

Often times smells can be serious, while other times they can be simple fixes, either way promptly addressing the concern with a phone call to a certified Sub Zero repairman is the best course of action in cases of strange smells.

Food Spoiling Before Expected

If you are sure that your refrigerator is cooling properly, yet your food items continue to expire prior to their expected expiration date, your refrigerator may need maintenance. Some of the reasons this could be happening could be related to overuse, prolonged or extensive door opening, or it could be something more serious.

The seals on refrigerator doors work to ensure that the cooling your refrigerator is doing remains inside the refrigerator. If the seals need maintenance, then proper cooling may not be occurring.

While in this case the refrigerator is cooling effectively, the seals are not working by keeping that cooling inside the refrigerator. You can examine your seals to ensure whether they look damaged; however, seals could be damaged or failing and it is not visible. Due to this occurrence, you may want to have a professional repair person take a look at the problem to evaluate the seals.

Keep in mind there could be other reasons your food items are spoiling that have not been discussed here. If you have examined your seals and ensure that your refrigerator is reaching optimal temperatures, yet the problem persists, you may want to contact a Sub Zero repairman to evaluate the problem more extensively.

As you can see, there are many possible warning signs that your refrigerator may need maintenance by a Sub Zero repairman. Some of these factors may seem simple; however, it is important to note that some of them can be very serious. It can be quite costly to replace your refrigerator, but repairing it by using a Sub Zero Repairman is often a better option.

If you believe your refrigerator may need maintenance, it is important to act promptly, take notes regarding the problem, and contact a professional to evaluate your concerns. More often than not, customers express their relief at discovering their maintenance concern was not only common, but fixable and at a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit.

Know when to call for Sub Zero Repair!

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