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Ovens are an important part of the household, being used to make food on a daily basis. It can be really frustrating when you start preparations for a big dinner and find out your oven has given up on you at the last minute! And then you wonder how that can be!

How long was it when you got your oven last serviced?

In order to avoid last minute oven trouble, keep these two tips in mind:

Have your oven serviced at least once a year.

Never waste time in calling the repair services of an oven repairman if you see signs of oven damage.

These tips are necessary to remember and practice if you want to avoid embarrassment at the last moment. By getting your oven serviced on a regular basis, you are making sure that all possible problems, which can later cause major damage, are addressed. However, by playing a responsible role in keeping your oven maintained, you can ensure that it’s not frequently that you need to call oven repair services. Follow these simple tips to ensure oven maintenance:


You must make sure that you keep your oven well maintained and clean. A dirty oven can also cause problems that can be hard for you to figure out. To avoid oven trouble, clean the range hood exhaust filters regularly, or if they are too dirty, consider changing them. If your oven has a self-cleaning option, make sure you use that and avoid any other method to clean it. Also, you must avoid using heavy or extra large pots or pans on the stove to keep the heating elements from getting damaged.

Use the Right Power

If you have an electric stove make sure, you are operating it on the right power. Using reduced power can result in poor performance and too much power can damage your oven. If you feel that your gas or electric oven is giving you poor performance, make sure that you call the oven repairman at 520-888-7039; one of our experts will be on their way shortly to repair your oven.

Make Sure All Aspects Are Working Properly

Often times, it so happens that one aspect or the other isn’t working properly; but since your work isn’t hampered (yet!), you don’t bother yourself with it. You must make sure that all aspects of the oven are working correctly to ensure optimal performance; otherwise, it’s time to call in the oven repairman. Some of these include the pilot, burner, and top elements of the stove.

When seeking an oven repairman, take into account that the terms may differ when you search for one. Oven repair can also fall into the same category as stove repair, range repair and cooktop repair. We are certified to repair all of these appliances, regardless of the differences in make and model.

In the scheme of things, ovens and cooktops are basically simple devices with the exception of the technicality of controlling the transfer of heat in regards to the temperature.

What we are talking about here is keeping the temperature with a certain range by using a thermostat and also controlling the times when the heat starts and stops. This is often controlled by a timer.

Of note here is the radiant heat cooktop which has a radiant element (similar to a sunlamp) that rests underneath a glass surface. These units heat pots and pans by the use of radiant heat and not direct contact. Call us if your radiant cooktop is not heating properly. We are certified by the State of Arizona to work on all makes and models of appliances. 

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