GE Refrigerator Recall

Turbo-charge Your GE Refrigerator Recall With These 3 Unknown Tips

Consumers everywhere are flying off the handle about the GE Refrigerator Recall on their French door refrigerators. In April 2022, GE announced a voluntary recall of several models of their French door refrigerators, citing loose freezer handles could come off and pose a fall risk if they’ve been improperly installed.

If you have a French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer drawer compartment, you know that having a working handle is a huge convenience. The freezer door is heavy and requires a firm grip on the handle to open. But the last thing you want is to give it a good yank and fall backward at the speed of light.

Currently, GE is offering an in-home inspection and repair to mitigate the issue and restore safety to the unit under their GE Refrigerator Recall. But in order to do this, refrigerator owners first need to come forward and sign up to receive the repair. Here’s more on the current GE French door refrigerator recall and what homeowners can do next to activate their GE Refrigerator Recall.

What is the GE Refrigerator Recall of 2022?

The GE refrigerator recall of 2022 affects several different French door refrigerator models that have been sold across the country. Nearly 150,000 units comprising six different models have been sold from February 2020 through January 2022 through home improvement stores, including Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Best Buy.

In the GE Refrigerator Recall, GE notes that improperly installed freezer drawer handles could be improperly installed, leading to the potential that the handle may fall off when in use. To date, there have been more than 71 reports of detached freezer handles, resulting in 37 injuries and three serious falls. The loose handle can easily become detached when in use, which increases the risk of a fall or other injury.

The GE Refrigerator Recall will allow GE to address individual units within the home, ensuring no loss of service to its customers. GE has agreed to provide free in-home repairs in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What GE Refrigerator Models are Affected?

GE French door refrigerator

GE has identified six stainless steel French door refrigerator models that are being affected by the GE Refrigerator Recall. The model numbers of these units include:


GE also notes that the affected models have a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel coating. The serial numbers for the models will start with one of the following two-letter combinations: DR, FR, GR, HR, LR, MR, RR, SR, TR, VR, ZR, AS, DS, FS, GS, HS, LS, or MS.

How to Know If Your Refrigerator is Part of the GE Refrigerator Recall List

A GE Refrigerator Recall List

Consumers can quickly check to see if their model is affected by looking for the model number or serial number on the top inside left portion of the refrigerator compartment.

Affected units were manufactured in Mexico between the dates of February 2020 and August 2021, and sold in stores between February 2020 and January 2022. You can check your purchase receipt to see when you purchased your unit, as well as the store where you purchased it. Prices of the affected units range from $1,900 to $2,500. Also, you can check whether your GE French door refrigerator has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel coating.

If your refrigerator doesn’t meet one or more of these criteria, your unit is most likely not impacted by the GE Refrigerator Recall. However, all consumers should be aware of the types of issues that may go wrong with their appliances, such as handle malfunction on a refrigerator. Seemingly small issues like a loose handle can lead to disastrous consequences, as many GE customers have learned through this recall. Let this be a learning opportunity for all on how to report issues with consumer products so they can be quickly and properly addressed.

My GE Refrigerator is Recalled: Now What?

If your refrigerator is among those that have been noted in the GE Refrigerator Recall, don’t panic. You may still continue to use your refrigerator and freezer compartments just as you have been. However, you will want to alert GE that your unit has been affected so that they may schedule an in-home inspection and repair.

You can do this by calling the GE Refrigerator Recall hotline at 1-888-345-4671. The hotline is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. GE asks that you have your model number and serial number available when you call.

Likewise, you can submit a form online on the GE website. You will be required to input your model number and serial number for verification. You will be informed immediately if your unit is affected by the recall, then prompted to take the next steps to receive a free in-home repair.

GE does not specify whether a purchase receipt or other proof of purchase will be required.

In the meantime, GE says that consumers can continue safely using their refrigerator and freezer while they wait for service. It’s a good idea to first check the security of your freezer pull handle to ensure it feels secure. If the handle is loose, use extra caution when pulling or pushing the freezer drawer, as this could lead to the handle’s detachment. Alternatively, you may choose to avoid using the handle altogether and instead pull on the freezer drawer from the corner to open the drawer.

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